Welcome to the web site for the University of Sheffield Computer Science Cutlers’ Ambassadors Scheme.


This five-term scheme is being led by the Local Authority and has been designed and delivered by the University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science, working in conjunction with Sero Consulting and a range of local employers. It is geared to the interests and requirements of Key Stage 4 students hoping to get at least 5 grades at A*-C including maths. This is a unique opportunity for girls and boys who have an interest in computing in guises ranging from computer games to programming, from large scale everyday uses in apps and social media to highly specialised applications you might never imagine! The participating Sheffield schools are:

  • All Saints Catholic High School
  • Handsworth Grange School
  • Westfield School

In terms of curriculum benefits, the scheme is designed to:

  • Deliver the sort of experience of computer science advocated by the Minister of State, therefore adding significant value to Level 2 awards offered in schools;
  • Emphasise the role of maths in all forms of computing (including computer games), providing practical experiences that will build maths skills
  • Develop 21st century workplace skills, personal learning and thinking skills with particular emphasis on problem solving and working in teams
  • Introduce students to the world of work through real employers, workplaces and practitioners in a variety of IT-related specialties; it also links to the Sheffield City Region’s cloud computing and high-tech incubation initiatives

Running from October 2013 to March 2015, it will provide 70 hours of experience (the equivalent to a standard 10 day work Year 10 placement) as follows:

Term 1 Induction day
Terms 1-5 9 afternoon modules run by the Department of Computer Science
Terms 3 Project boot camp over 2 days with industry experts (Friday/Saturday)
Terms 2-4 3 full day employer workplace visits

Click on the links above for more information. You can also download a PDF document about the scheme by clicking on the following link:

Ambassador Scheme Briefing